• A complete financial tool for your entrepreneurial growth
  • GIS based decision making system with aggregation to automated primary data
  • Geospatial analysis system for climate smart agriculture
  • Geo-information system for agricultural stakeholder
  • A complete business tool for your agri-business
  • Maize varietal yield performance at Maize Zone, Dhading
  • A geospatial mapping system as per your contextual need

A specialized cloud based software and management consultation service provider for your entrepreneurial need.

Scope and area of both service and social sector is increasing cumulatively, and the need of structured database is becoming more and more essential to take precise decision.

The spreadsheet and flat data applications gradually losing the ground over smart relational database that can validate and produce desired output on the fly contextually. The way our system simplify your work opens up a new opportunity for you to manage your node centrally through internet. It is possible now to monitor your workflow online and evaluate your progress remotely wherever you are.

Investing too many working hours on statistical analysis?

Most of the time your goal is not to deal with difficulties of statistical analysis software or repetitively performing same task, but you need simply some logical reports. Our customize software fits in background for your need and you can simply have data entry from any of your non-statisticians staffs and get scientific and mathematical output as per your need. We hide analysis for you output only the necessary analytics you desire.

Forget GPS for your mapping need. We will develop customize cloud based platform for you that is capable to generate GIS map automatically for you without the need of any technical knowledge of location mapping.  

Even GPS mapping never considered to be an easier technology. Now, we provide GIS Mapping, Geospatial analysis, Geofencing, Remote Sensing for you that do not require even a basic technical training to use it. We render dynamic GIS map, aggregated to primary data as per your need in multiple layer with contextual filter.

We are uplifting geo-visualization techniques simply beyond ever imagined. 

It is time now to stop planning and take decision... planning is not science but decision is.

Our biggest problem is; we get data after several weeks or month production. The best we can do it learn from the mistake and improve next time but the scenario and most of the variables mostly does not remains same. To deal with this issue we believe real-time monitoring and management of the production system. Manager can take informed decision immediately to manage risk or take advantage from detected information. 

In time production and continuous improvement is key to successful bussiness. Our real-time production control system help you beautifully deploy lean manufacturing at your business. 

You have pulled your old calculator several times a day doing your regular business or a job. It is true that you always thought you are ok and doing good with your century old gadget.

You are may be leading current market with your business but your competitor may take competitive advantage over your ignorance any time. This applies to your individual job as well.

Software technology provides great opportunities to manage your business and equally essential for your individual need.

You know how effective data visualization is when you need to understand or present some specific data pattern.

You have transformed your excel date to diagram or a pie chart so many times. But, have you ever imagined your employer entering basis data in web based software and you are getting real-time visual display at your side?

Have you ever imagined getting live data visualization from collective source from several node at several districts?

We will make data visualization on the fly possible that will help you taking ground breaking decision for your business development.